Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Activities: Story Time

I've been told that children loose part of what they learned in school over the summer. In order for us to help our children keep their brains active and learning we need to feed them. Reading a great way for children to learn. 

I compiled a list of resources for reading whether it's story time at the local book store or swapping books online.

Story Times

Barnes and Noble – Check your local store for dates and times. 

Pottery Barn for Kids – Offers of weekly book club. Children will receive a gift after attending five story times. Check your local store for dates and times.  

Check your local library, malls and museums for more story times.

Online Story Time

Barnes and Noble – Offers a free online story time with authors and celebrities each month. 

Story Time for Me  - Get a free personalized book for your child and free online storybooks. Registration is free.

Storyline Online – Books are read by actors and actresses. Each books has activities and lesson ideas available. Books read by Camryn Manheim, Melissa Gilbert, Amanda Bynes, Betty White and many more. 

Book Swaps

Does your family like to read? Would you like to find new books without paying a lot of money? People around the world get rid of books everyday. Try some of these websites for getting new books.

Paper Back Swap - Membership is free, and the only cost is the shipping of the book to other members. In return other members send books to you. – This site is free to register and you can swap books and more through them. Swap local or across the world. – This site is a little different. You register your book and put it out somewhere in your neighborhood for someone else to find it. Track your book online to find out where it’s headed. There are books out hiding in different places maybe you can find one close to home. Registration is free.

Books Free Swap  - Registration is free, and recipient pays for postage.

Book Mooch – Register books you have and earn points for more books. You pay for shipping books to other members. Registration is free. – An online auction site. It’s free to register. Earn points for each book you auction off and use the points to get books. You can get books with free shipping or you can pay for shipping. There are also other things available on this site.

Free Books

Free Book downloads for your Kindle, Nook, IPhone, IPad, IPod Touch or Android devices. .

Amazon  - Find a ton of books available for free download. – Get unlimited reading from independent writers and rising authors. Registration is free. – Free registration. Over 21,282 eBooks.

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