Thursday, February 14, 2013

14 Days of Valentine's - Day 14

It's Valentine's Day and I hope you have a wonderful lovely day.

If your looking for a last minute gift, flowers and candy are always good. Who doesn't love a beautiful  vase of flowers that can be placed on the table to admire for a couple of days. Candy is so yummy.

Don't forget a card. It's always nice to hear words of encouragement and how much you're loved. It might be the only time of the year you express your feelings. Don't miss this opportunity.

Get out the crayons, markers, stickers and glue and get busy making a card. It's the little things that count in the end.

If you have children send them flowers at school or balloons. It would make the day special for them too.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Need one for your sweetie. 

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