Friday, June 28, 2013

Summer Fun: Recycling Bug

A while back in school my son's class was asked to make litter bugs. They had to use items around the house that could be recycled. I save random stuff all the time because I love to be crafty and I can always find uses for most things I save. My husband however would say differently. 

This project was so much fun putting things together and making something so cute and fun. 

This project was made using a water bottle, milk tops, kleenex box, dixie cup, magazine pages, hot glue and googly eyes. 

We cut the the bottle in half and used a page of a magazine to stuff the top. Then I hot glued the dixie cup to the top of the bottle on the inside. I then glued the bottle of them bottle back other the dixie cup. 

The kleenex box was used to make the wings. The feet are made from several milk tops and the face too. I took a red milk top and cut out a smile for the bugs mouth. 

There are so many great items you can use to create a bug. Dig through the trash can and recycling bin and get your crafty ideas going. It's so much fun to see what can be created with trash. 

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