Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Time: Bean Play

The other day I was looking for something that both of my children can do together. It's hard because there is such a big age difference. Mr. I is 7 and Mr. E is 2. 

I decided to get out my beans that I have been saving for cold winter day but never got around to using them. 

I just opened the bag and poured it into a bowl with little things that I save for projects. I added a formula scoop, bread tags, measuring cups, milk tops and a couple of other random toys. 

I put a table cloth on the floor and let the boys explore. They played for hours using the cups to scoop and pour. The little guy enjoyed dumping the whole bowl over and over so mommy had to play clean up a couple of times. 

Mr. I liked calling the beans good deeds and bad deeds. Here he is showing good deeds. 

This is good deeds and bad. The good deeds out weigh the bad deeds. I took the opportunity to explain what each are according to what God would like us to do. He must of been paying attention at church. He had a lot of good answers. I was proud. :)

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