Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer Time: Rain Sticks

This summer has been super busy for us. We are making crafts like crazy. Trying out science experiments and going to everything we can find. 

My son wanted to make something using a paper towel roll and I thought why not make a rain stick. We looked on Pinterest of course and took some ideas from a couple of different places and made two different ones. 

Paper towel cardboard
Wax paper

Our first rain stick we poured the rice into the tube and used foil on the ends. I cut out round pieces of foil and taped them on. 

The other rain stick we used wax paper on the ends and taped it up one end. 

Cut two strips of cardboard and fold them accordion style. Placed the cardboard inside the tube and added rice and tape other end.   

Decorate the rain stick with whatever you like markers, stickers, construction paper, etc...

We tested them both out and my son liked both but I liked the one with the cardboard inside. It's sounds more like a rain stick. 

Have fun shaking! 

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