Monday, March 19, 2012

10 Spring Break Activities

1. Plant something. It’s that time of the year to plant flowers, vegetables and herbs. If your looking for something to grow fast beans seem to do the best.

2. Measure the rainfall. See who can guess how much rain we will get. Put out something to measure. Will the back yard or front yard get more rain? Go outside and play in the rain. Splash in the puddles.

3. Play board games or card games. A great way to learn and play together.

4. Go to the public library. Encourage your child to find books on the subjects they like. Ask a librarian for help. Check out the programs they have for all ages.

5. Fly a kite. Find an open space so that your kite doesn’t get caught in a tree.

6. Go for a nature walk. There’s nothing like enjoying the great outdoors. Take a camera along and take pictures of animals and insects. Send an email to your friends and family to show them what you saw. Take a Ziploc bag with you too and gather items along the way.

7. Take a bike ride. Look for a local trail and remember to wear your helmets.

8. Visit a museum. There are plenty to choose from and some have free admission or discounts. Check their websites for more information.

9. Go to the park. Find a new park to visit or visit your favorite park. Have a picnic or fly a kite, catch some bugs or take some friends along.

10. Make a collage. Get out your old magazines and allow the kids to cut out pictures of their  favorite things. Glue them onto a piece of paper.

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