Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One Proud Mommy and Astronaut

Yesterday at school my son got an award called "The Hawk that Rocks". It’s an award they give to kids who show that they are trying to succeed and do their best.

This is a big thing for my son because school can be very difficult for him. I was so excited that he got rewarded. He has an amazing teacher that works well with him with his Sensory Processing Disorder. She tries so hard to make school successful.

They also celebrated Career Day. My son wanted to be an astronaut. I being the coolest mother ever I decided to make a costume. However this project became a little overwhelming. I had to call on my creative team (my family) to help.

I took a gray hoodie coat and transformed it into an astronaut costume. I think any coat that looks like a hoodie would work. 

Here’s the supplies I used to transform this coat. I got almost everything from Hobby Lobby.

Fabric glue
Fabric paint
Blue bandanna
Label maker and one very talented person who can do art work.                

I started by positioning the patches. I used fabric glue to apply them. I didn’t iron them on because the material might have melted and the glue might allow me to take them off later. I sewed the buttons on and then made a name plate. I used a label maker and glued his name to a piece of blue felt so that I could glue it to the jacket.

I had my very talented niece paint the NASA emblem on the hat and a piece of fabric that I glued to the jacket. 

Here is the end results. He was so excited to wear it and told me he is going to wear it everyday. 

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  1. I like this outfit. But could u add a picture with just the jacket laying flat to see the front and maybe arms as well