Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Give Me a Little Respect

My sister shared a story with me about two brothers who went to a video game store. The older brother was buying his younger brother a game and his father disapproved and the big brother stood up for his younger brother. You can read about it here.
It got me to thinking about my own family; my brother and the many sisters I have. How thankful I am to be part of such a great big family. I know that I could count on any of them to stand up for me and to be there when I need them.
Respect comes in many different forms but for us it is in the way we treat each other and the way we treat others around us.
My brother recently showed his respect by shaving his beard before going to a funeral. Something I never really thought would be a big deal but then after giving it more thought I was moved by his willingness to look great for a man that he only knew a little about.
My parents weren’t the best at displaying it but somewhere along the way we learned to be that way.  I hope that my children learn respect. I hope that I display what that looks like on a daily bases. Whether it’s the way I treat them or their dad or the people around us, I don’t ever want my children to be disrespectful.
Where did you learn respect?  Was it shown to you or taught to you? How do you show your children respect?


  1. Very good post! My husband is very respectufl like this as well! He has taught me alot about how to respect others! I thought it was okay to send my children to church with their hair spiked as mowhawks.. but he informed me a spiked mohawk is not really church appropriate... not that anything is wrong with it.. He just dont feel its very respectful! Theres many things Ive learned about respect and theres alot for people to learn!

  2. Terri

    What a wonderful story. I hope your family has a chance to read this I think they would appreciate it. I am tring to raise my son to respect others and I think he is doing well.

    Thanks Jo

  3. Respet...Now that is something that is not around anymore really. Every day I see examples of people NOT having respect. It makes me so sad that my children are growing up with such a disrespectful society. Although on another note. Some how without really trying I have managed to raise my kids to be pretty respectful. Just the other day I watched my kids walk into school (like I do every morning) and I noticed my first grader Dorian lingering in the door of the school. At first I didn't quite get what he was doing, but then it downed on me. He was holding the door open for everyone!!! I was shocked, but oh so proud right at that moment!!! I had never really noticed him doing this before and made a metal note that I needed to praise him for this when I picked him up. Although I forgot. lol. But he mentioned it himself. He told me he did it because he was PROUD of himself!! He knew that was something special. Something that not everyone will take the time out to do. He even continued by holding the door open for an elderly gentlemen at the store we stop at to get our drinks after school. so ya needless to say this was a special day and made me realize I might be doing right by these kids. Not sure how I am teaching them to be so respectful. I think it might be in my actions. I believe I am pretty respectful, I do have my moments of course, but over all I do my best and I think my kids have seen that and that is how they learned. :)