Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!

I don’t know about you but I was ready for the year to be over. 2011 was not really nice to my little family. It was full of obstacles and painful journeys. However, we got the greatest little addition to our family and he is a wonderful blessing.  

I’m not one that really gets into the resolutions. I always seem to mess them up and then I feel like I failed at something and who needs one more thing to feel like a failure about.

Yesterday I was in my kitchen looking around and looked up on my wall to see a picture that I kind of forgot was there. You know the ones that you hang up and just ignore after a while because they are always around. This picture is one that I got several years ago on a trip I took to Ohio to see my sister. There is a store that I love going to and I always have to stop. It’s a wonderful home décor store. It smells good and just makes you happy as you walk through and look at all the wonderful trinkets, candles, pictures and more. This time I had more money than normal and I wanted to make sure I got something I would really love and I did. I landed my eyes on this cute apple framed picture. The words were exactly what I needed and ones that I hope would encourage others that came into my home.

Be Happy, Keep on Smiling and Don’t Worry wonderful words to work towards for the New Year. I think this is something I could actually try to achieve each day. If I keep smiling I should be happy and then I won’t worry as much. At least that is what my goal would be.

Here’s to the New Year and a new way to look at each day. I’m ready to make better choices and ready to be a better parent and maybe these little words can help me do that.  I hope that you too can Be Happy, Keep on Smiling and Don’t Worry. Here’s to a New Year!


  1. Terri

    Cute idea reminds me of my mom. I have to try this.


  2. Keep smiling.... Now that is apparently something I really should be doing. It seems that a lot of people say that I need to. I guess I frown a lot... I don't notice it and it's not that I am in a bad mood, but I can be sitting there and someone will sit next to me or walk by and mention that I need t smile more and that it's not that bad. I just don't get it....