Friday, April 13, 2012

10 FREE & Fun Rainy Day Activities

1. Play in the rain. If the rain is warm and it's safe put on some rain boots and grab an umbrella.  

2. Have a car race. Take some cars and have races around the kitchen floor or down the hallway. Winner gets to choose dinner, free day of chores or something special.

3. Camp indoors. Put up a small tent or make your own with blankets and chairs. Get sleeping bags or make a big pallet on the floor. Sing campfire songs and tell stories.

4. Make silly faces. Take magazines and cut out noses, mouths, ears and eyes. Glue them on a piece of paper and make a funny face.

5. Make play dough. Kids love cooking and they love play dough. Make a batch together. There are quite a few recipes out there. Some you can even eat.

6. Watch a movie together.  Make it a great family movie with popcorn and candy. Find a movie at Redbox for free using one of these codes. DVDONME or BREAKROOM.

7. Draw pictures of each other. Sit down and have each person sit still for a little while and draw each other. Don't draw very well. Use stick figures and magazines. 

8. Do a puzzle together. Find one that is going to be just the right challenge for your family.  Make your own puzzle by finding a picture in a magazine and gluing it onto a piece of card stock. Cut out pieces and put it together again.

9. Measure the rain. Take two cups that are the same. Put one in the front yard and one in the backyard. Which one will get more rain? Take guesses on which yard gets more rain and how many cups will fall.

10. Have a talent show. Each person in the family gets to stand up and show a talent they have. Can you put your leg over your head, make shapes with your tongue, play spoons or something else interesting. Show your talent.

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