Thursday, May 10, 2012

5 Free Apps for Mom

Are you sick of the same old apps. Playing Words with Friends or Hanging with Friends. Here are some apps to help you get organized, find crafts and recipes, find out the song that is playing on the commercial and find free apps from all over the place. 

Want to be more organized, remember important dates, make shopping lists and to do lists.

Check out Cozi. It’s a wonderful app with lists to create and do.

Create a family calendar with color coding so you can easily see what event is going on. Add reminders to send to your phone or email so that you will never forget an important appointment again. You can also share this with the whole family. So if your husband or child has an upcoming appointment you can send them a reminder too or teach them how to add in their own. You can also sync your calendar with Microsoft Outlook and other internet calendars.

Add things to your grocery list and to do list. No more losing your list.

I use to only own an Ipod Touch and you can still use it without an internet connection. Look at the calendar and add events. Plus look at the grocery list and add on too. Check off the things that your getting at the store and always have it with you. If your out getting milk you can look to see if there is anything else you need.

There are tons of great things about the app and the site. Check it out and get your life a little more organized.

This app helps you find new and old apps for Free or that have lowered their price. Find apps for your kids or yourself.

This app will sort the apps for you by pricing and popularity. You can also share the information with your friends about the apps you like.

Here’s an app that is going to be your new addiction. Just like Pinterest but on a smaller scale. The crafts are submitted by craft bloggers instead of everyone out there. Editors review the submissions and choose the ones to showcase.

This app is filled with wonderful craft projects and allows you to save them and share them with your friends.

One thing I love about this app is that I can always link up to the website that it came from. Sometimes on Pinterest I get sales ads.

Sign up is FREE.

Along with Craftgawker there is also Foodgawker.

Foodgawker helps you find new food to try out with some wonderful recipes, restaurant reviews and more.

This app is done with submissions from food bloggers. It’s update daily from editors who pick out the best to share.

Craftgawker and Foodgawker both have wonderful websites that can be checked out as well.

This app is one of my best friends when it comes to music. I can be sitting and watching commercials or my favorite shows on tv and hear a song I like and use my app to find out who sings it. I can also buy it too. It syncs me up with iTunes for easy purchasing.

One other thing it does that I really love is plays the song along with the lyrics. I really like being able to hear it and read along.

There are so many great features so check it out.

Great for the music lovers out there and best of all it’s FREE.

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