Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Domino Time

I remember playing with dominoes when I was little. There were only so many things you could do at your grandparents house. Dominoes are a fun activity for indoors when it's raining or to hot to be outside. It also builds your imagination and thinking skills. 

We love playing with dominoes in my house. They are fun to stack and fun to watch fall down. They are also very noisy which makes it extra fun. 

Making a snake seems to be the favorite way to play. Stand the dominoes up on the end and make a line of them just a tiny bit apart so when they fall they can hit the next one in line. When you get them all standing up push down the first domino and watch them fall. 

The other way to play is just stack them up. Make a tall tower, train track, buildings, and garages for cars.


Dominoes are also a wonderful game to play. It teaches matching, counting and other math skills too.  Kids can play and learn.  A good family game.

Have fun with them and let your child explore a whole new world.

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