Tuesday, May 1, 2012

12 Ways to Play with Baby

Peek-a-boo – Babies have fun playing peek-a-boo. It’s a great way to start showing them that you can be gone for a second or two but you show back up.

Patty Cake – Great for hand coordination. Teaches babies to clap and roll hands.

This Little Piggy – Fun for babies to get a good tickle and learn about their toes and feet. Helps them realize they have them.

Heads and Shoulders – This is one of those songs that helps them learn about the different parts of their bodies. Head, shoulders, knees and toes. Eyes and ears and mouth and nose.

Tickle – A good tickle is fun for both parents and baby. However when they start to get a little sad it’s a good time to stop.

Mirror Time – It’s fun to stand them up in front of a mirror so they can see themselves. A hand mirror is good too. When they realize it's someone it's so cute.

Vowel Time – Making vowel sounds slowly while your baby is watching your mouth is good for them to learn how to start talking and also shows them how the mouth moves.

Tummy Time – Teaches crawling and rolling. Put toys just a little out of reach for them to try to get. Help them roll over by positioning the arm so it won’t get caught and push them over just a little bit to help them learn to roll. Babies also get tummy time from being on top of your chest. Lay down on the floor or back in a chair and let your baby lay on you.

Grabbing Toys – Hang a toy just right over their head so they have to reach for it or if they are sitting put it right in front of them so they can grab it. Good to do for practice on balance when they are learning to sit up.

Reading – This one is so important. Babies can learn so much from books. Find books on the alphabet, numbers, animals, body parts and so many other wonderful things. Use  books they can chew on. Plastic bath books or board books work the best for little hands.

Where is Thumbkin – This is one of those songs you learn when your little and it’s fun for babies. They have to figure out where you're fingers go and when they are coming back.

Ball – Get different kinds of balls so that the baby can feel the different textures. There are so many balls on the market and they are great for sensory games.

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